How to Build a Successful MarketPlace Team

Building a successful team for a business can be tricky in any industry you operate in nowadays.

How to Build a Successful MarketPlace Team

Building a successful team for a business can be tricky in any industry you operate in nowadays. Making sure you get all the right pieces in your puzzle to launch your business is difficult in most cases, but with the addition of remote working (Which does, in turn, reduce overheads) and the confusion caused by the recent pandemic, it is ever more challenging.

Naturally, at the helm of every successful marketplace is a dedicated founder who is vigorously searching through professionals to add to his team. Starting a marketplace requires a varied list of skill sets. Finding the right team to work on your side, will not only allow you to grow your business but also provide you with valuable time to use effectively in other aspects of life, or even the business itself.

As such the task can be daunting and equally stressful. However, your team is the single most valuable asset that you have in your marketplace as without them, launching and developing your idea and marketplace would be impossible.

But how do you go about building this all-beating, inspiring winning team? Who do you need in your team when building a marketplace and what are some of the tasks they may need to have the ability to take over and free you with valuable time.

Growing your team needs methodical and careful planning. Every fast-growing company will endure the growing issues that come with expansion at one point or another. Too many companies make the mistake of hiring yet another member of staff to soothe these growing pains. But without a considered and productive team structure and a clear sales process, that extra staff will prove to be more of a hindrance than a help.

That’s why you need to get strategic about scaling your sales team. Building an awesome team is both a science and art in terms of the skillset you need to possess. It involves an intricate balance between assembling, motivating, and keeping the team happy in order for them to help your marketplace grow and flourish. But how do you go about finding them?

Let's have a look at some useful tips our team has conjured up for you today:


It might sound crazy, but the number one action item for a new customer success team to figure out is your target market. Speak to your customers and make sure you are 100% certain of the issues they face that you need to resolve for them.


Secondly and equally as important, it is key for the founding team to clearly define the roles that each new member will be tasked to tackle. This will determine the structure and foundation of your marketplace activities.


Once you know what you need your new team to help you with, you can venture out to both industry recruitment agencies, as well as online platforms (for cost-cutting purposes) to find the right person/s for your business.

Make sure to interview as many possible applicants and do not only just them on their current understanding of your service but their overall understanding of the internet and their capacity to adapt, assimilate and develop.


Once your highly successful marketplace team has been built, it is crucial to create a work environment in which your team members can grow. An environment that only fosters growth but also nurtures success for all members of your team. It is consequently key to define and communicate a clear vision and goals so that everyone on the team knows the importance of their contribution to the success of the marketplace. This will create positive "vibes" in your working space, as will placing trust in the team by avoiding micromanagement.


Having an effective onboarding process can pay off for your customer success team and subsequently your customers too. Rather than expecting customers to adapt to your offerings by trial and error, your team can proactively intervene and teach them the best way to use your products and services. This saves customers valuable time during the early stages of the customer journey as it prevents them from encountering common obstacles that a new user may naturally experience encounter.


Before marketing and operations begin, always remember what you offer: An Online Service. As such, it is key for you to have a technology team to put together the marketplace as well as maintain and more importantly update it when necessary. These engineers are in charge of the tech behind your marketplace.

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Conclusively, having a focussed and successful team on your side means, you are dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals. Your team helps to optimize your company's value in the eyes of the customer by providing them with useful resources and reliable support. When successful, customer success teams foster and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between their company and the customers they work with.

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