Tips & Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Business

If you want your ecommerce business to attract more traffic and customers, then you must put marketing at the forefront of your strategy.

Tips & Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Business

When it comes to ecommerce, business online is definitely booming and with the impact of the pandemic, this has only accelerated. The effects of Covid-19 has lead to many new businesses opening up whilst at the same time cause some companies to take new measures in order to survive.

If you want your ecommerce business to attract more traffic and customers, then you must put marketing at the forefront of your strategy. There is plenty of opportunities to seize however there is also a lot of competition.

Fortunately here at we have a few tips and techniques you can utilise to increase you online sales. Take a list of our top suggestions below which you can implement right away.

Use 404 pages to encourage repeat business

The 404 page, also known as an error page or "Page Not Found" indicates to the user that a page or product can not be found, meaning that customer reached the domain they requested, but the URL path provided no information. This page can be used to your advantage by turning it into a positive experience for your users. Why not add a little creativity to the page or even add a promotion / offer to the page to keep your prospective customers engaged.

Introductory emails

If your ecommerce does not have an area where customers can sign up to receive newsletters, offers or other relevant information relating to your product or service then you could potentially be missing out on sales. We suggest creating an email strategy to obtain more emails by encouraging customers to sign up. The more sign ups you receive, the more you can communicate and build relations with prospects. Do keep in mind when creating email campaigns to not over sale or force offers as this could turn customers away. A better approach would be to try and build loyalty first by introducing your business to educate and also provide useful information.

Understand what makes your products / services unique

Especially if you are a new business or looking to grow your ecommerce its important to firstly have a clear understanding on why your products / services exist in the first place and why prospects should purchase from you and not a competitor. It may be tempting just to spend more on advertising and post more frequently on social media however if you cant answer the above questions then it might be worth taking a step back to figure out what value you are bringing to your customers.

Ask for customer feedback

Feedback from your customers is important for your business as it can help you to improve your services, products and/or customer service. There are a variety of ways you can obtain feedback from past customers such as through sending an email to customers after their purchase, simply asking directly or using a software to automate the process. Ensure to respond promptly to all emails, good and bad, and use any criticisms as guidance on areas that can be improved.

As an ecommerce owner, it is highly advisable to strategies if you want to make sure your business is always growing. In these fast-changing times, if you are not growing, you may find you reach a stagnant point in business.

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