Why Do E-Commerce MarketPlaces Attract such Large Audiences

Marketplaces have undoubtedly dominated the world of e-commerce the past decade, and only seem to be going from strength to strength.

Why Do E-Commerce MarketPlaces Attract such Large Audiences

Marketplaces have undoubtedly dominated the world of e-commerce the past decade, and only seem to be going from strength to strength. Global brands such as Amazon, Farfetch, Asos, and eBay have enjoyed exponential growth with customers flocking to their platforms to enjoy a multitude of benefits and advantages.

These brands have even gone a step further to ensure they are able to provide their products to audiences worldwide, by creating "sub-divisions" in all nations. This not only allows them to build their brands locally but also to streamline and monetize distribution, rather than it being an inhibitor.

Nonetheless, smaller brands in all industries are equally growing at a rapid pace, due to societal trends leading audiences to purchase online. So let's have a closer look at 5 primary reasons why "the world loves an e-commerce marketplace with multiple locations", through our team's information collated for you below.

1. Provides an Easier & Simpler Shopping Experience

Providing multinational stores online reduces the confusion buyers may encounter through a conventional website thus making it easier for them to make quick purchase decisions.

2. Curated Content & Products to their customer needs

According to a survey by Epsilon, 80% of buyers are ready to shop from a company that promises a personalized experience through the buying journey. Evidently, when a customer is offered products or content, custom-tailored to their preferences, the chances of buying increases substantially. Moreover, they are more likely to stay longer on the site, which makes them more likely to purchase something from your E-Shop or Marketplace.

3. Personalized Offers & Discounts

Customers nowadays anticipate personalization in almost everything, but most importantly, in offers and discounts, that not only are interesting to him but also match his buying habits. They provide customers with the feeling that they are catered for and hence thoguht of throughout the "selling" process. An excellent example, is sending out a voucher on the customers Birthday, or Anniversary of signing up to one's site.

4. Localization of stores

Customers in 2021, also naturally expect personalization in payment, shipping rates, product prices, store currency, country-specific taxes, content translation, and more. Local stores allow brands to create a strong connection between them and international customers.

5. Build Stronger & Longer Relationship with Brands they Love

When personalized experiences are created by a brand, customers feel bonded to your brand and become more motivated to shop more often from your website. With multi-store e-commerce, customers can communicate better with a brand via Live chatBots, WhatsApp and Emails.

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