Why HD Photos Are Key to Your Marketplace Success

Images are one of the biggest factors which will impact a consumers purchase decision in marketplaces.

Why HD Photos Are Key to Your Marketplace Success

Images are one of the biggest factors which will impact a consumers purchase decision when shopping. Before purchasing products, people naturally will want to view the products, see it from all angles, feel it and if possible give it a try.

It should hence come as no surprise, that the same applies when customers order their products or goods Online. They equally want to get as much information about the product but also see it from all angles. Packaging, labelling and colours pay an important role in decision making, and thus HD images do tend to attract visitors and drive purchases.

So let's have a look at 3 of the key reasons as to why images are so important to your brand below, and how they can also impact your overall website quality and ranking.

People tend to skip reading

Nowadays, people tend to act in impulsive ways and quickly make decisions about products they like or buy. After all as they say, a decision to purchase a product is made within the 1st 10 seconds of seeing it. It is consequently probably best to skip the text in photos and stick to beautiful, clean and professional images. You should always make sure to add the necessary information below your post ensuring your clients know what they are seeing. Nonetheless, keep the images as self explanatory and simply as possible drawing attention for themselves, and then driving your customer to read more.

Sharing of images

Now more than ever with the help of social media, people are engaged with photo sharing. Images are fun to share and it means that your products or services will be seen in front of an audience who you may not have been able to reach. According to research, around 80% of consumers' purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by their friends social media posts. In addition, people are more likely to to purchase a product in which they have seen on social media platforms. Therefore it is vital that you only use professional quality images when showcasing you products. This will ensure that if and when they are shared by other users online, they will always benefit your brand and advertise it with high quality accompanying images.

Boosts your SEO

When it comes to SEO, images are equally just as important to help you rank in the search engines. Text optimisation also extends to image files names and captions so it is important to keep this in mind when naming images. It is hence crucial to name your images accordingly and allow them to also slowly, but steadily assist in improving your overall website ranging on Google and other sites.

By using relevant, high quality images, you will keep potential clients engaged and build brand trust thus leading to increased sales. Make sure to take advantage of the tips above and always update your website with professional images that represent your brand's quality.

Also, do not shy away from a bit of editing. Whether you are using your own photos or stock images from a library, photo editing is key in producing good quality images.

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